Replication data for the article “Sensitivity to Issue Framing on Trade Policy Preferences: Evidence from a survey experiment”  by Martin Ardanaz, M.Victoria Murillo and Pablo Pinto, International Organization 67/2 (March 2013), supplementary materials online at

“Latin American Electoral Dataset (1978-2009)” used in “Electoral
Revolution or Democratic Alternation?” (with Virginia Oliveros and Milan
Vaishnav) Latin American Research Review Vol.45, No.3 (2010).

Appendices for Political Competiiton, Partisanship and Policymaking in Latin American Public Utilities (Cambridge University Press 2009). The appendices include the list of interviewed officials, questionnaires used in interviews and sources for the variables in the quantitative analysis.

Dataset & “do-file” for Cecilia Martinez-Gallardo and Maria Victoria Murillo, “Agency Under Constraint: Ideological preferences and the politics of electricity regulation in Latin America” Regulation and Governance, Vol. 5, No. 3 (2011).

Replication data for “Economic Constraints and Presidential Agency” ( María Victoria Murillo, Virginia Oliveros, and Milan Vaishnav), 2011. In Steven Levitsky and Kenneth Roberts (eds.) The Resurgence of the Latin American Left, John Hopkins University Press.